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CopperNet, Inc., PO Box 511, 895 Harcourt Road, Mount Vernon, OH 43050


How can I contact CopperNet?

Main Voice: (888) 336-3318

Local Voice: (740) 392-6291



How long has CopperNet been in business?

CopperNet got started in the ISP business back in October of 1994.  The "Internet" was not something most people had heard of at that time, but we had a vision of creating a "local CompuServe".  (Nobody thought much of AOL yet)  We created a local on-line service called Electronic Country Road, now just ECR, which eventually grew into the first and consistently dominant rural ISP in Knox County, OH. 


We learned many good lessons through our experience with ECR and in 1997 decided to launch a new project separate from ECR and intended for larger markets.  In July of 1997, CopperNet became the first ISP in Columbus, OH to offer $99 per year Internet access.  We were entirely focused on keeping the expenses low, and the process simple.  Our biggest problem was justifying to skeptics why our price was so low.  We were advised to raise our price to raise our perception of quality.  We never did because the low price was what CopperNet was all about. 


Having grown into a nationwide provider, coupled with the changing market perceptions, has brought us to the current situation.  Currently we are growing very fast, as our model is proving to be very appealing to the masses.  Moreover, unlike so many of our competitors, we’ve never had a price increase!


There are many imitators now, with even Net Zero copying our model.  OK, maybe they didn't steal it from us, but we were certainly 4 years ahead of them.  In any case, you can be sure that when you choose CopperNet you are choosing the original discount provider who is doing exactly what they had always planned to do.  You can have confidence that our pricing is not something the market has forced us into, but something we created, forcing others to respond to us.



Why is CopperNet so inexpensive?  What’s the catch?

CopperNet dial-up Internet service is just $9.95 per month or $99 per year, when paying by credit card (which averages just $8.25 per month).  If paying by check or money order, the cost is $9.95 per month or $99 for an annual account. So, what’s the catch?  Simply put, CopperNet does not try to be all things to all people.  At less than half the cost of AOL and other competitors, we are able to use the same networks and technology they do, but without the vast overhead. 


CopperNet was started as the original low-cost Internet Service Provider.  We are able to keep our pricing low because of several smart business moves including: 1) We're based in a small town which gives us lower costs; 2) Although we love NASCAR, we don't have to generate extra profits to cover a multi-million dollar sponsorship; 3) CopperNet was built from the ground up on the low-cost model; 4) We have thousands of customers that love us and help their friends sign-up, saving us the overhead of expensive advertising to get new customers.


Over the past few years, free ISPs have come and gone, while at the same time, the largest Internet Service Providers have increased their price.  Not CopperNet!  CopperNet has never had a price increase! 


Our goal is to provide a quality low-cost 56k V90 dial-up connection.  That’s it!

We are also now providing high speed access.  At similar low cost.


If the computer goes, how do you keep up with it?