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The Heart of the Unit.


In the case where stability comes in the form of good hydrogen producers,

all logic must be given.    These are the electrodes, designed with replacements in mind.

This set end cap assembly is replacement part, we priced at $60, and is on the

tc1hydro customers order page...   

We do warranty our parts products that they will be set to our shop gap size at

arrival at your door.  I n satisfactory condition.


 All you have to do then, is bump off the old

end cap, and apply the new one with the new electrodes already mounted gapped

set in cap & ready to go.   Making the changing of electrodes very easy & fast for any tc1hydro owner.  



Of course,  when making your own,  one has to apply fire to the carbon rods,

put the 45? bend into them, and then set in vise, and installation 8 centrically

stainless steel disc,  setting them in a straight row with a tightening

sequence that they will all align themselves with each other.  This all must be done,

set in the vise, as shown, with a good wrench handy & much patients...!



Once that is all done, the next stage is to mount them into the end cap assembly,

so that they align themselves again with each other,  Not only in a

up and down fashion, but also the gap size itself must be retained and remain in set to specification,

 or one will not obtain good productive hydrogen fuel creation.

* adjustable steel locks are the adjusters to be moved of in sequence to align the spark gap,  and the up down perpendiculars to the end cap.


tc1hydro -


was designed to be lengthened in two differ ways, of which

choice is up to the applicator end user himself. (owner)  tc1hydro can be installed in parallel units,

such as to say 2, 3 or 4 fuel cells of them side by side,  with the final hose attached

to its use of,   such as a carburetor...!  Or however.   Or, it can be coupled by

attaching another section of 3 inch abs pipe at the very bottom, Making it a longer Fuel Cell.

For now,  tc1hydro stays @   3inch diameter in topic.   The other truth, is that one

may wish to install a third electrode, and set it at a 1/3rd interval set up, which

would also produce more hydrogen / oxygen gas, from the same molecules of water quicker.

This would then need twice amount of re fill up in less time.

Creating twice the amount of hydrogen fuel energy much faster.  Of course, we also sell

replacement single electrodes @ $22.50 each. (Vise set together.)

remember shipping please...!

it is included in price... !  see the tc1hydro customer page.


One can install this third by drilling a 1/4 inch hole in the right place,

so that the third set electrode can be set in line between the positive and

negative electrodes, without touching either one.  Adjustment of the gap setting

etc, would then need to be made using  7/16 wrench.

A partial top holder should be used to keep the extra electrode/electrodes from touching each other at the topof the other two electrodes.   (Note), end cap would have to be removed to performthis project,  and other electrodes would have to be dismounted...   Please specify use of the electrodes you order from us, so that we know if you are using a third and fourth mounted system in the same fuel cell.  These are slightly longer electrodes for top mounts over the other two shorter.  IF no specify, 3rd and 4, we will send a regular size electrode for a 16 set.   Owner must specify 3rd & 4th set use.

WE do not send a triple cap at all.  This must be obtained on your own from a parts supplier.  If needed. We do send a cap on just the twin set @ $60 and that is still good for a all four electrode type set up only, or just the two electrode type set up.   You drill your own holes.   A triple only would need a new end cap with holes drilled in a triangle shape around it so that it is even.


All this is shown so to better the knowledge of the tc1hydro owner,

as to what his options are to the saving of even more gasoline, or, whatever

type of fuel he uses.   Of course,  water is plentiful resource at the moment,

So it may be looked at upon in that aspect point of view as, just free.


Triple & Quad electrodes cause more heat,  keep that  in mind, that one may alsowish to have that temperature gauge included at that very moment...!

We do sell just the fuel cells by themselves.  Check our pricing on Customer's order page.


ABS-1 is only heat holding to its specification, and will melt if it is exceeded.

Thus this is the reason why tc1hydro electrodes are designed as they are, to allow

water to keep them very cool while they are in use.   The unit holds 10-12 inches of water ina 3 inch volume.  Useable 5 inches, before its critical stage refill approaches, and then atmore 1 inch used, it has to be refilled or damage will occur to the unit.   You can go pretty far on that5 - 7 inches of water though.  The light will tell you when it is very very low. (out)

One should refill tc1hydro, or risk damage to the unit themself then, as it gets low on water.   Turn it off.

5 inches at 3 inch volume needed to keep coolant water level applied to...


We do stress lengthen the unit for adding more electrode, such as a third one or fourth.

In that case, the owner should remove the bottom end cap, and purchase

coupling and pipe w/also, abs cement, and then re apply high temp permatex, then

put the end cap electrode back in its original place.   Owner will need to reset gap of all the electrodes atthat time, with the third one already added in and fourth, before replacing end cap.  This is the most wise way to apply

this third fourth electrode in application, giving the unit say,  about 4 more inches of water.

A good way to keep cool !!!

We do not extend units, so please do not ask...

NOTE: add another light bolt needed.  It should be mounted at about

5.25 inches from the end of the cap, on  abs-1 pipe.



To wash out tc1hydro is big simplicity. 

no other unit offers this to the end user.

At least,  I have not seen one.



Thermodynamics is use at your own risk.

just as rv refrigerators make ice from fire,


all thermodynamics are,

>>>boom able<<<


we do not warranty you. 

please note that any warranty is void once unit is altered past a 16 set




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