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Special Customers Order page...

   updated 12/1/10


This page is set for ordering some parts for tc1hydro...

our design tactics for improving fuel miles.

saving you gasoline...!

Install tc1 - 3 or 3b hydros...!

 United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Austraila

our ebay's  fixed shipping prices Hub.

Other countrys outside the United States, please use the Contact us   for recieving your extra added shipping quotes.

Please specify the ID # and the description.

Extra electrode Adapter Assembly on hand gives time saving money for quick changeovers.

e$conversion calculator 



tc1 hydro electrodes  -  $14.50 each   (single 8 disc electrode)  or  $21.50  (boosted doubled 16 set on single stem)

shipping & Handling inside U.S. is  $5    ID#37606   and   ID#37611

This power electrode fits both models,  8 arc 16 set  -  or  -  24 arc 32 quad set.

Buyer specify please, if it is for Quad 32 negative or negative electrode type usages...!  SEE PHOTO



tc1hydro Tie collar bridges (pkg 5) for above electrodes - $6.95

shipping and Handling in the US is $3 ID#314497

Buyer please specify, if it is for Quad 32 usages...! (also fits tc3b model)



tc1hydro electrodes  8 arc - mounted with  bottom /ff assembly adapter, -  $43.50  shipping & Handling in U.S. is $8     ID#37612

(pair 16 mounted & gapped installed in 1 ff endcap... ebay original)  Buyer specify Quad 32 negative useage...!    SEE PHOTO



tc1Hydro cylindrical 316 SS *8 arc 1/4 stem set w/ff assembly adapter - $69.50  shipping and Handling in U.S. is $11.95   ID#36629

(cylindrical with 8 arc stem mounted & gapped installed in 1 ff endcap...fits tc1Hydro)   SEE PHOTO



tc3b power electrode, cylindrical  type, 316 stainless, with 5/16 stem,    $33.50    shipping and Handling in U.S. is  $8 

(Shipping Price is United States only...)       SEE PHOTO



tc1Hydro  power electrode cylindrical type,  316 stainless, with 1/4 stem,   $26.50    shipping and Handling in U.S is  $8  ID#36621

(Shipping Price is United States only...)        Can be used on 24 arc 32 quad also in double format.   max fuel pro...!    SEE PHOTO



tc3Hydro BiG RiG Control Box, can be used with any tchydros, includes, panel, LED meter, & switch w/level indicators. *200amp...max.  $179.00 - Shipping & Handling, included in the US....    PHOTO



tc3Hydro Kit 4 BiG RiG  -  5 inch od -  $659.00 Shipping & Handling, included in US< (Tested Availible - & IN STOCK Soon ' CUSTOM MADE upon order - AVAILIBLE  )     ID#32996 (w/Shipping Price is United States only...)   240 amp rated cell +.   PHOTO - PHOTO -  simular to tc1Hydro.  Multi orders Fleet of Trucks,  Contact us  for discount quotes. 



tc3Hydro positive electrode set of 2 needed or just 1 for tc3Hydro for BiG RiG #329961- shipping included inside the United States.  No FF adapter no cylindrical, Positive Set Only.  Please give us dimension size of your unit from custom built time.  See Photo



tc3Hydro FF adapter with Full Set of Electrodes for tc3Hydro for BiG RiG #329962 - shipping included inside the United States.  Includes Negative Cylindricals.  Please give us dimension size of your unit from custom built time.  See Photo

Options SET or Not Set



tc3bhydro adapter assembly w/ffcap - fits tc1hydro's,   $89.95   US ship & Handling is $11.95  < ( - Tested Availible  .) ID# 37614

(Shipping Price is United States only...)    SEE PHOTO



tc1hydro 24 arc 32 quad with bottom /ff assembly - fits tc1hydro's,   $79.50   US shipping & Handling is $11.95  ( Tested Availible )  ID#10994583

(Shipping Price is United States only...)       SEE PHOTO



tc1hydro fuel making cell - ( bottle w/end caps, barbs, 16 electrode setup) ((no kit no sensor )) $139.00 ID#37615

(Shipping Price included in amount, and is United States only ...) SEE  tc1hydro for photo of it...



tc1hydro fuel making cell - (bottle unit w/end caps 32 electrode 24arc boosted (no kit) no sensor)  169.00 < ( Tested Availible )  ID#37610

(Shipping Included in United States only)        SEE  tc1hydro for photo of cell.



water tank installation kit - $94.95      US shipping & Handling is $15.00



Outside Countrys,  Please use this Contact us   form for your shipping quotes and then add those to 

your order with the below add extra shipping button.    Quotes will be refigured to compensate for any already included U.S.A. shipping charges.




Special links

FAQ - page   _ for construction tattics of tcHydro's & building more electrolyser cells.

tcHydro faq for Hydrogen cells.  (PASSWORDED, see your CDrom for user and passwd !)


Hydrostar ' tc1hydro    WEBLOG LOGIN page for addressing weblog for

installations, usages & other important informations for owners of  tcHydro's ...



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