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Crisis of Communist takeover of America.



The above link is a help to understanding of the Bush Family’s mistakes.   It is also to help to understand the “Payment Clause” of

.truecarpentry , and also to the others moved by the bankrupts in businesses in America today to look at about;


Communism is not Democracy.

Always FACT


It never was, and never can be, because there is no “Freedom” of the issues.   When people such as the BBB charge

currency to destroy better business in America, for its own growth upward,  than it is of no help to the better business

of America,  Nor is it a bureau of better business. 


What you have is true lead to communism.   China has flooded the American market.  It is no longer American goods.

Today much of its own product is made in China.   This has no usage here for American workers.  


Today, the Bush Family,  issues fear tactics upon the people for benefit of (terror) - and not to the peoples benefit of own trust.  The WTO is a world thief in disguise, that does not exercise truths of justice in moral,      truths of  “In God We Trust”  Instead, they worship the pagan gods of worldliness, and wrongs placed in deaths to and of the world itself.  The computer gave them that great benefit for this idea to do so.  Thus moving “World Banks”, and their so called fundings, without true nations. ???   Each nation is contained of its own culture. This is the very reason why that there is a more than one language to communicate with.  You cannot base a falsity of trades, within a realm of good morals.  It is Not Possible,  but only theft.  The WTC fell for this very reason.   I call Him,  Almighty God.   He will always prevent (Babel)ism


It was taken down by purpose of badly issued politics of theft.   Not terrorists.   You do not steal from people.  IT is against moral law.  And yes, it is an invisible moral law when the borders are crossed.  Just because you can use the no law of society’s civil evil law,  to take its own advantage of, does not make in it an invisible truth, of the moral law. Visible we are.   Moral law has to be applied.


The Ten Commandments prevent this terrorism.    However,  we live in a world that chooses the ignores of these other important true laws of truth.  (“pagan world”)  And the other truths of His Only One true Cattolica Church.   Because of this problem in true quotes,  they play games with the true law.  In their own mortal sins of it all.   Stealing is still stealing.    It matters not whether it has Capital letters or not.    


Communist takeover of America consists of political gains that are only beneficial to the rich of the nation in which it lives.  For this reason, it is not possible to have Global markets without high theft..  Shipping costs also damage the global market profit, of that very product.   Products of the same nature & better, could very well be built anywhere, with the right materials and the proper good morals.   China is an exception  Or - Better known as, lack of education. Their goods have been built cheap on evil intent for quite some time.  Buy them today, throw them away tomorrow.   However, when corp steals from the poor, they leave a no choice situation of evil inflicting the middle class.


For this reason,

The corporate world removes the possibilities of this good production to ever to take its true & proper place. They allude the plant of the proper seed, and place it where it is in with the lowest of the labors.  Robbing the poor of the truths & benefit.   And more so!    For this reason, it removes the truth of the Church moral law into a true disobedience to Her.    Church Law can only be followed if it is so exercised in truths of itself.   Dogma.  And yes,  it is to be exercised in the Carnal world as such.


That only happens through true prayer to the right and Only true God.    It does not happen under any other.  Only ONE TRUE GOD.  Thus, Only Cattolica is His Church.  For this very reason,  the moral of the true canon law is so ignored by so many, and taken advantage of for only the worldly gains.  But the gain is only visible in its nature, and from that gain is the true thefts of which that gain came from.  Immortality.  Most of the time, its against the poor at it worst.    As they are the weakest in visible point of realm.  


However,  In good politics,  the good politician always sets to himself against the cheating. Because he knows, that the poor feed the very true system to its only true operations at large. True Democracy is priority straight always towards the poor. And Without that, it is impossible to have a flow of much currency.  Supply and Demand is the basis of good democracy, by Cheisa Cattolica order, set up in a society of truths. (Only)  When that is mostly operational, then it is the politician doing his job.   Not for personal gain. It is never considered before the righteousness of God the Father Almighty, acceptable of in the rights of it to Him.  “ Old Testament Law”  

FACT -  Read it again!   This is the Bush Family’s errors.  The Bible is a ONE BOOK only,  not two.  Oil is not the only resource of this life???    IT is not the only way to true developments.  Coal is another resource.  And there are others also.   Including’ the new,  Solar, & Wind.    However, because Communism, holds the gates shut to this new development of these other resource’s, Corp world,  It is all non profit.

Closing their own doors on themselves is the result.  Always.  


The taking of the oil from the Caspian, is not an answer.  Nor any Fear tactic to Iraq and Iran to get to that oil.  Murder is a grave mortal sin.  May God help them all in all of their true repents in the truths of it to Him, of what they have so far done thus far, and now do to themselves alone.   The very dumb pagan politician.  Better known as the Heretic liar.  They still reject God.   Hopefully, they will go to the true Church,   and not back into their comic book of evils of   The VII. Rome.


The answer to this promptly,  is to help the poor.  Only by the do, by giving up what you have to them in instructing them away from true evil. Doing true penance. And they may proceed to do the same for the very next person.   Socialism turns Communism.  Democracy is a can be Socialism,  from the mortal sin itself.  And, anyone whom wishes to be a middle man in it, stumps the very system and steals from it them self.  This is a help to any small business if they do so listen. “Small Businesses.”  -   The FCC is all for the corporate world takeovers, of course,  and does not seek true democracy.  Greed’s. Ha. A backfire surely substituted without any doubts.   Once you have stolen from the poor, who is next?  If they don’t have it, whom is going to pay it?  Not me.


Their Spam law of FCC is Communist. (FCC)email.   It evades the truths of moral law from the true Church and Her true teaching. And also “freedom of speech.”  Therefore, it cannot possibly operate as any true democracy in the world.  Their mistake in making the law, is because it follows only what is beneficial to larger corporate businesses.  Not poor workingmen in businesses.  Therefore, it is backwards law.  True law that should be made, is that email without “ADV” listed in the subject line, (advertisement) is called Spam. (a legal Spam operative)  Thus in doing so,  it gives anyone the rights to email Spam to another with a true sales pitch of what they are selling, without great costs to them to do so in trying to be computer wizards in subscriptions. There is no time for this large computer works in a small business realm minorty of people.  AND - All on the earth have the right to sell themselves to make their ways of profit. FACT - The FCC ignored this very true fact of the constitution of this country - upon making its own law of SPAM.  Not to mention the Whole “Constitution.”  Instead, they hid themselves behind the portals of confusions,  and made piles of work that had to exist with the email law, of SPAM, for it not to be a SPAM. ???  Very lazy &

Very stupid. - It is ALL still a SPAM!!!  All sales…That is THE TRUTH   Sales is not outside the Constitution of this very country.  Large or Small.  It is to be in FREE SPEECH.   “Always…”  Anyone can delete ADV.   That is what you call  freedom of choice.”  You give law to all the people, not to just a few big shots.   SPAM/ Just as, anyone can place a no solicit sign “at their front door”  The subject line always serves as that sign holder. > ( single Mailwashers will do the rest)   Any others, are non legal Spams. Then you have true law in freedom of speech.  However, the FCC removed this very freedom of choice function of to the very people,  by placing a law that does not work at all for of to all the people. But only the large corp world. And even then, - it does not work at all.  Thus also this being bad politics in cheating themselves.  Very much loaded with Communisms.  Crushing small businesses even more so today everywhere..  For the benefit to the rich only.


Laws of Democracy have to work for the poor man.   Not the rich politician. $  =ALWAYS=   That is what makes the true Church flourish. & true Democracy subject to rejecting socialism so happen of.  Middle class then takes its place.  And that can only happen in truth of the actions. Works.  It happens not in any other way.   This mention of Spam, is just one example of a Communism law today facing and removing freedom of speech and the Constitution of its very own law to the entire world.   FCC you have broken the law.  Fact. Go to Jail. Stupid.   There are many others in place already today in the world also. Against a true democracy.  The Corporate world cannot go to Heaven.  FACT - 

And , those that think they can do it and get away with it,  will take that same slam of a no sales.   No Mercy pitch.   It is all on the wheel, and it all comes around.  Right back to you corp.


Today, UN - is in its own Corporation of Communism, and uses the very poorest of poors, and their moneys, to make themselves rich.   It is a one sided organization operation, that does not build law that helps to the poor.  It builds mistrust in fear tactic drenlins. Very Stupid.  “Fact.”  They don’t even have a real job?  And they do so all this before Almighty God!    The shame of their whole operation is covered in their own blood stained filthy hands.   And at the same time, they donate large $ - to corporate firms.   .  Fact, “corporate firms don’t hire poor people.”  Nor do they know true “Charity.”



For God knows all things.   That is not doubt.   And just as there is an avenue of choices, as long as that avenue is held in open,  to ALL People.  Only then, can the world be in live of true democracy.  Excluding all the socialism. Providing first,  they give true respect to God. and His true “Cattolica.” .    Today,  Communism is real..  Release of the non Christian government is now a world wide problem.   In all truth, only one Church does God truly have.  It is the true Roman Cheisa Cattolica,                   and the rest,


    I call it,  > Abominal.  Infidel.


-         Ninth Article of the Creed. –


      true Church Doctrine.





Good and Evil are always divided.  There is NO MIDDLE in the center.   The truth of that, is what the law of democracy is to be about in being so made, and how and for it to be made of.  Not in falsity of that realm. 


Words have no power of themselves in define,  only true action in support to them.


John F Kennedy, was assassinated by the pagans of the UN, & Rome,  FACT

He wanted to build his own country!   Not theirs.    The sad part,  now they think it is theirs.


So they believe! 



Outside the Church,   There is No Salvation.