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bird feeders & bird houses

The Product and our Warranty




If for any reasons, you should find that you are dissatisfied with our product that you receive from ,

And you would like to return it?


Our truecarpentry warranty is a full 30 days refund, minus shipping charges.

 Providing you have not used the item, with any type bird foods etc placed in it.

Please do not return feeders that have been used with any feeds in them.  Your warranty will be void.

And we do not return the feeder back to you.

Only a void notice.




 If you are not pleased, simply return the item, packaged as you had received it,

a full refund minus shipping charges is refunded.






After 30 days,  we exclude any and all refunds.



This is only for the wood product bird feeders and bird houses that are online.

Our Service Policies and the warranty’s for those who acquire our services, is very differ.

Under differ warranty, & specifications.


These of truecarpentry we do not display on this page.  They are handed to the consumer upon signatures of the said work to be done. 

The set policies of truecarpentry, stand and coincide with the true laws of Cheisa Cattolica.

Our labor rate stands below the 2003 labor prices in yr 2005.

this is subject to change by 2006.




All service jobs, are subject to draw, before any work can fully commence.

This is a part of the truecarpentry service policies that we do carry and honor.

We are also -

Pay Pal Verified.


We are not a member of BBB.

A somewhat false advertise of false security’s in today’s market on the web.


However, we are a better business.

So rest assured, you will receive as our service policies do so state.

Service Policy Warranty










This product policies warranty sheet is subject to possible changes.

We answer all polite and pertinent questions.