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truecarpentry service policy



Our Service Policies and warranty are for those who acquire our services, a full 90 days on labor.

Under a differ warranty, specific materials to types of services, so also are applied.

Depending upon the materials themselves and the seller.

Those warranty’s may vary some, and are not to our discretion to disclose them here.


Upon draw payments for materials of the services needed, are labors commenced in full upon service work residential.

We require 20% draw to commence services after initial start.

(90 days to the consumer is our works, the same of our merits of our policy, as the labor warranty)

If payment is commenced in full as the work is being done,  a 1st Star is giving to that consumer in appreciation.

Upon the services rendered, It is also noted in the billing policy from the company.  

This provides the consumer with a no wait period on any future works & goods to be done on their next service. (1st Star)

This applies for a period of Three years from date of that our first service work ended in their billing account.

Those with (1st Star) are favored for work to commence in full without stipulations upon a wait time period.

(good news) no wait on second commence of work.


If for any reason other than the service labor,  payment for the service is not received for the said work and agreement done in full,

In 90 days time,  the consumer receives a NON referral by the company, which means,  trueCarpentry does not perform any works for this consumer unless payment is received in full, before commence of work and agreement will be done.

Under this stipulation, any works commenced by truecarpentry, is done on full-part time basis.  Meaning each day is the labor done until job is fully complete.   This only complies if the prior bill was paid in full.  This applies for a period of Three years to that consumer, wait periods, and is considered a bad egg.   However, because trueCarpentry cannot predict the outcome of other peoples truths, we do not subject ourselves to disobedience of our service policy.

90 days satisfaction is giving on labor warranty only for call back.   This only applies to labor, and not material problems as today, many corporations produce bad materials.

Material problems are warranty separate by the Corporations themselves, only that so produced them.

We only warranty what they do, for us, in of our labor work.

The Corp is responsible for all material problems, including labor. 

If their warranty is still in effect for that labor,  we will replace labor under the billing to their warranty period, if their warranty covers the labor charges only.

If not,  we will bill the consumer for that very labor charge.   Under the 90 days, our labor is the warranty for labor problem.   This means, if the job has neglect of the proper labor order of the install, and damaged because of this occurs,  it is replaced Free of charge by truecarpentry in that 90 days time.

 (Labor problems only)

Any Non referral is so subject to wait three full years before removals of the Non Referral of pre payments clause can so exist.  Or a 1st star be awarded again. Upon new work.

Sorry, no exceptions.    We do also charge a %4 annual interest on the amount late owed after the first 30 days of non payment.

This is a set low fee.   After two years, it changes to a %8 added total including $1 per day.  After the third year,  we claim legal status rights with our lawyer against the full amount owed by the

Consumer for said services rendered upon account into a court of law.  The Consumer will be responsible for the explain of non payments and these said late charges also, and shall pay them promptly in full, or suffer a full penalty court hearing and the said damages of the said charges for that court hearing and for the lawyers fees.


If for any reason,  the said claimant cannot pay their bill due to being disadvantaged and being without currency’s or in a way to obtain any of those currency’s owed after 6+ years time of to not pay their bill in full to truecarpentry, after that court has convened and the requires of them to do so.   We shall remove charges in billing to that consumer, in respect of true Church Law.   Upon the seventh year itself.     Only for Disadvantaged consumers,  meaning,  jobless, homeless, or empty home occupants jobless. Seniors, Or just plain old poor flat out.   

Unfortunately,  truecarpentry can only help the poor in this spirit. 



This concludes the truecarpentry 90 day policy for services rendered.

We are a non advertising minority small business for better business of the world.

Where Quality is the purchase.



(1st Star merits continue in same aspects, of all future work to be done. Period of 3 years time)






This service policy warranty sheet is subject to possible changes.

We answer all polite and pertinent questions.