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 - All Our Messages Checked Once a Day, w/email and calls returned. -



We only work it the right way!   Especially for Computers.

If your interested in professional quality workmanship including websites. This is it.

All Your calls returned in their proper order.  By a real live person.


If you just want a slap together job,  and no serious discussion,  please donít call us.

If you want a large estimate , for numerous type purposes,  that is fine!   Please alow some extra time for us to reply.  

We are servicing all residential & commercial type orders.  See our sample farming websites for the independent farmer

that needs to sell, straight out to the public, cutting out the expensive middle man for his own savings.  Ask for these special viewable links via contact us 



3rd day return for all email corespondent questions.

Yes, we do carpentry also.


All messages recieve a true response.





the only hand made by Ü God Workmanship Shop.


We do service with a smile!





We provide computer services, via the web is

WorldWide along with all hydrogen type sales.


Our services including also hybrid installations, minor carpentrys and pearl cgi scripting.

Local area below is inside aqua line on the map.  For carpentry interested workmanship.

We are a Father Son company.


We do provide some normal minor estimates by via email for constructed websites....!

Our billing of websites is for # of pages , via flash or java intergration is a little more, up to a certain script#.


 contact truecarpentry       

   or see our servicepolicy&warranty









- MAKE YOUR FUEL; HYBRID IT,  and Pro Bird Feeders -





All work done on quality built basis.  

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No account needed. 

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We email or postal mail invoices for any and all payments.




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