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Service Carpentry for Tallahassee,  Saint Teresa,  Lanark, & other coastal N. Florida locations.

Also New Mexico & North Arizona










We only do it the right way!

If your interested in professional quality workmanship. Than please use patients.

If you just want a slap together job,  with fast prices,   please don’t call us.

If you want an estimate large, in numerous type repair,  commercial   >  please use a regular grade contractor.

We are a single quality sub contractor, for residential homes only. 

We are quality built on one set of tools  -  specializing in repairs & trim carpentry’s,  for the residential field only.

All up to date modern tools!  No laser levels.



We  do not have large type overheads.   And we do not charge them.     20+ years experience...

We are underneath the 2003 National Estimator   prices. 

Ask for our assistance via the email contacts for serious inquires.  3rd day returns on email.


Or give us a call and leave to us a message!

We return the call promptly.


Check us also in the

Best directory on the internet.




* Service area sheet.*


some service photos of truecarpentry


We do some RV repair on the spot.


This sheet shows a map of the service area current 


the only hand made by God – shop.


We service with a smile!



WE Service through inner interior area of aqua line,    give closest town of location in email.

Type of work needed & your[Area Code]   &  phone number -      for working service contact.

some estimates are possible by our email.   



 contact truecarpentry by email.       

contact by phone is recommended.

 service policy warranty




Service height not exceeding 2 floors.     Residential Only. 







This is current – and may be subject to changes.


All work is done on a quality built basis.  

We take   for our service work.


Debit - Credit & Echeck



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