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Emergency Channel HF info,

14.265 mhz when needed.


This the Katrina & Rita Huricane times & the Emergency Situation Recorded.

Page is used for all real emergency situations.


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WPWL 858   


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All files are Converted to

Windows Media Player - audio


- Repeated emergency informations from HF BAND 14.2655 of message traffic -

Page can be used for bounce back infos in emergency situations

of Huricanes and other Maritime severe weather problems.

This page  - do relay it to police and other important officials when working,

 who may need immediate History of the info said of the 14.265 HF band.

Commonly used when all else fails.

Thank you Tesla...

  Louisiana REAL MAP  

Mississippi  2-3 min load time.

maps for emergency use…

Solar Terrestrial Activity Report 


Title Audio Files are listed as, in MONTH DAY EASTERN (TIMEZONE) for eastern United States problems, or Universal time for anywhere else problems. “a” or “p” abriev is for am & pm, and w/Quarter of the hour. 1,2,3,4 for 15 min intervals.

example such as >   katrina9’1’5p3’14.265    the 5 is 5eastern time and the 3 is 30min past the hour as starting time of the file. 5:30pm start file.

These are set approximate, and are not exact precise time to the second, as the files are having to be split, then uploaded…

If the quarter interval skips a numeral, it is not missing, but in the other file…! Give 15 min sway time please.

Please Use prudence in computer knowledge.   

still active links katrina

clik here for active links rita

view atlantic hurricane sector

WPWL858 W7HNV – (we are not able to type all informations,  but do our best!  Audio files contain all info...)

Our server is used only in update mode at times of emergency.

account - 48 hrs - before deletion of files in overload server,  propagation permitting….?

  Any files not linked have to be asked for, through   email here

Please specify Month Day & Universal or Eastern time to us.   


This provided as charity for Net control for Satern, and all emergency personal...

We do not have any help whatsoever, so when we can do this, we do it…!  To save lives.  Patients is a virtue.

Please watch for (updating list) and operating modes at end of this page for real activity notification.

That is when we are monitoring the frequency & possible audio records are happening and uploading to the server w/links posted. 

Dipole is movable, & posted for west/east   north/south   or  nw/se.  etc....   And will be specified.
































propagation failing






no propagation




katrina9’2’11a3’14.265              dipole facing west 

katrina9’2’11a4’14.265              dipole facing west

katrina9’2’12p1’14.265              dipole facing west 

katrina9’2’12p2’14.265              dipole facing west

katrina9’2’12p4’14.265              dipole facing west

katrina9’2’1p1’14.265         dipole facing west

katrina9’2’1p3’14.265         dipole facing west

katrina9’2’1p4’14.265         dipole facing west

katrina9’2’2p1’14.265         dipole facing west

katrina9’2’2p2’14.265         dipole facing west

katrina9’2’2p3’14.265         dipole facing west

katrina9’2’2p4’14.265         dipole facing west

Batteries are out, oops

katrina9’2’7p4’14.265         dipole facing west

katrina9’2’8p1’14.265         dipole facing west

katrina9’2’8p2’14.265         dipole facing west

katrina9’2’8p3’14.265         dipole facing west

katrina9’2’8p4’14.265         dipole facing west

katrina9’2’9p1’14.265         dipole facing west

katrina9’2’9p4’14.265                dipole facing west

propagation failing

no propagation

katrina9’3’9a4’14.265         dipole facing west

katrina9’3’10a1’14.265              dipole facing west

katrina9’3’10a2’14.265              dipole facing west

katrina9’3’10a3’14.265              dipole facing west

katrina9’3’11a1’14.265              dipole facing west

katrina9’3’11a2’14.265              dipole facing north

katrina9’3’11a4’14.265       < trapped on the second story   Alice Supple    her cell # is 804-380-0841  1311 S. Meadows  New Orleans

katrina9’3’12p1’14.265              dipole facing north

katrina9’3’12p3’14.265              dipole facing north

katrina9’3’12p4’14.265              dipole facing west

katrina9’3’1p1’14.265         dipole facing west

katrina9’3’1p4’14.265         dipole facing west

katrina9’3’2p1’14.265         dipole facing west

katrina9’3’2p3’14.265         dipole facing west

katrina9’3’2p4’14.265         dipole facing west

katrina9’3’3p1’14.265         dipole facing west

katrina9’3’3p3’14.265 < missing or trapped in Gulfport Miss?,  family name - Kenneth Hayes with children    1124 or 1142?  Baker St.  Gulfport Miss,

katrina9’3’3p4’14.265        dipole facing west

katrina9’3’4p2’14.265         dipole facing west

katrina9’3’4p4’14.265         dipole facing west

katrina9’3’5p2’14.265         dipole facing west

katrina9’3’5p3’14.265  <Stranded people inside a {gymnasium} in Jefferson Parrish LA.  no contact with the outside.

katrina9’3’5p4’14.265  <Stranded trapped Doug Demont at 245 McDonald Ave Apt 226  Bloxi Miss,  Cannot Evacuate,  need rescue!

katrina9’3’6p1’14.265  < BlockBuster again!!! ??? from prior files somewhere…       

katrina9’3’6p2’14.265         dipole facing west nw

propagation failing

katrina9’3’6p3’14.265         dipole facing west nw

katrina9’3’7p1’14.265         dipole facing west nw

katrina9’3’7p2’14.265         dipole facing west nw

katrina9’3’7p4’14.265         dipole facing west nw

katrina9’3’8p1’14.265                dipole facing west nw

katrina9’3’8p2’14.265 < …  7 – 9 s units Denver to Tallahassee signal. 

a man in New Orleans calls from AC5TM for needed phone patch….KB0IGA takes the call  - In 6 ft of water he says he is! 

katrina9’3’8p3’14.265                < At his station… in New Orleans!   see both files.

katrina9’3’8p4’14.265         dipole facing west nw

katrina9’3’9p1’14.265         dipole facing west nw

bad propagation

9/4  propagation still weak   

katrina9’4’10a2’14.265              < Family trapped in Wooded Area   W of Gulfport Mississippi…..   see also below perhaps – split file

katrina9’4’10a4’14.265              <  Trapped     A Robert Green?   at 1511  S.  Liberty    in New Orleans     Info from KA5WTL - Shelter in Houston  

katrina9’4’11a1’14.265              dipole facing west nw

katrina9’4’11a2’14.265              dipole facing west nw

katrina9’4’11a3’14.265              < 325 survivors !!!  split file  added info from prior   1511 S Liberty   New Orleans…..   


katrina9’4’12p2’14.265              < Trapped Group of 9 people   from w9sww   at 12345 Gibbons Rd    Baton Rouge LA

                               <  k0azw  1 person with bullet wound Trapped  at also perhaps with others? 1822 Mardi Gra (blvd?)  New Orleans

                                    cross street Landry.  Mardi Gra and Landry….Need Evacuation


katrina9’4’1p1’14.265         < 400 Students trapped in 3 locations  5th and 6th floor    Dorm? Streets are Jefferson Davis Parkway  New Orleans  {n9al}  

katrina9’4’1p3’14.265         < 400 Students    Streets are Howard Ave cross at Cortez st.  and    3rd is Broadway at Drexel dr.  


katrina9’4’2p1’14.265                <  15 trapped in house w/ newborn   Gulfport Miss[DP1] ,    A Casino has washed up across the street from the house.

                                                          dirt road somewhere west of Gulfport about 3 miles…….


katrina9’4’2p2’14.265         < A church SSW of New Orleans about 40 miles, states Relay offers to help in HAM communications….Sara Mt Parris?

                             any in need of relaying emergency informations - try to find this parrish.  No locations on it.


katrina9’4’3p2’14.265         dipole facing west nw

katrina9’4’3p3’14.265         dipole facing west nw

katrina9’4’3p4’14.265         dipole facing west nw          

katrina9’4’4p1’14.265         dipole facing west nw

katrina9’4’4p2’14.265         dipole facing west nw

katrina9’4’4p3’14.265         dipole facing west nw

katrina9’4’5p1’14.265         dipole facing west nw

katrina9’4’5p2’14.265         dipole facing west nw

katrina9’4’5p3’14.265         dipole facing west nw

katrina9’4’6p1’14.265         dipole facing west nw

katrina9’4’6p2’14.265         dipole facing west nw

katrina9’4’6p3’14.265         dipole facing west nw

katrina9’4’6p4’14.265         dipole facing west nw



katrina9’4’7p4’14.265         < Major Pat   DE !   -  KE4IVQ calling!    Propagation ok, receiving New Mexico here with 5 s unit on the meter.

katrina9’4’8p1’14.265         W3DA  you have 3-5 s units on the meter,  w/ slight drop out at times,  one second only.   then back in.

                                            propagation is out and in, drift,  for the past two days, it is the same thing.  Still holding on come back….  and working.

propagation weak

katrina9’4’8p3’14.265         < a help sign from satellite picture!     end of mention, w/ answers,   



katrina9’4’9p2’14.265         dipole facing west nw

katrina9’4’9p4’14.265         < Health and Welfare Frequencies

no propagation

9/5 moving propagation

katrina9’5’9a4’14.265         dipole facing west nw

katrina9’5’10a1’14.265              dipole facing west nw

katrina9’5’10a3’14.265              dipole facing west nw


katrina9’5’11a2’14.265       < Trapped Diabetic possible no insulin….. 6929 Sayers St  ?Manorville Jefferson Parrish 77072  Phone #s audio[DP2] ,  504- 348 – 8128

                             202 – 271- 8598                                {ND8V}   7s units on the meter

katrina9’5’11a3’14.265              AF0WF call

katrina9’5’11a4’14.265              KC5BPQ confirms transfer Patrica Katirn[DP3] }?  Questions again of Sayers - Manorville[DP4]  - Probably a cross st.- Marrero La.

in S New Orleans area….                             {ND8V}  4s units on the meter   {NA9L} control shifting

katrina9’5’12p1’14.265              dipole facing west nw

                             major pat 4- 5 s units >

katrina9’5’1p1’14.265 < trapped, no medications, Susan Hansen[DP5]  8914 Edenburgh St. --- Generlogden is cross st.  --- New Orleans  contact is Ben Hansen[DP6] 

katrina9’5’1p3’14.265   <trapped, 75 year old woman,  Lillian Jones waving hands from second story window!  New Orleans,    see NET CONTROL {W3DA)





katrina9’5’3p2’14.265 <trapped [people] on 3rd Floor in Slidell LA one w/ heart condition,  H-10map > phone # partial  985-641-62??  [DP7] 

<trapped Amanda Stevenson at 937 Palmetto St in  New Orleans, Diabetic without her insulin,  a phone # it is> 504- 488- 6990

 <Stranded in Attic;  Treesford?   at 614 Talvez in New Orleans,   garbled #s  cannot make out - they are>  84243pm94???

katrina9’5’3p3’14.265 < w7mt states valid?    MY OPINION IS<  take and execute all info.  Unless 100 % certain. 

If person is rescued, the police and coast guard will have

there name.  They will know not to execute it….     {AB8AL} net control



katrina9’5’4p4’14.265 < Still Students something???  <see audio for net control….? don’t have   






katrina9’5’6p4’14.265 < NEED MEDICAL ATTENTION - MAY BE ON CONSCIENCE TRAPPED, 80 yr old  Moses Paige 524 Ptolemy st.  New Orleans. Diabetic[DP8] 

  propagation failing

katrina9’5’7p1’14.265   Current LA State Police #s  EMERGENCY ONLY

katrina9’5’7p3’14.265 long file “out for supplies”


katrina9’5’9p1’14.265   < Help a Lorrane Proze Caminita trapped at 342 Nashville ave in New Orleans, NO CONTACT SINCE AUG 28th 

                                                          In from - North Dakota Red Cross K0AJW

end of net

9/6  BAD propagation  -   at its end of the ce, next ce is to arrive at the end of 7th, - period is 8-9th? , maybe one to two full day of better propagation coming up.


katrina9’6’10a1’14.265  <(Waco Texas  4 s units)   (Red Cross North Dakota says be advised, propagation…4 s units meter here) 

katrina9’6’10a2’14.265  < (W7XLR) 4 s units here;   Tom  (moving s units 2 – 4)






katrina9’6’12p1’14.265  <  W5JW5W     K10CW   6 s units   A THANK YOU – net control

katrina9’6’12p3’14.265   <  3 s units net control   but can hear you,  propagation is !!!  (4 s units on the meter – notch open – selectivity 2.4/0)  N1IIC at  5 s units



katrina9’6’1p3’14.265   <  Trapped???  Elderly – on and running out of oxygen!   lst name is Kraft  [DP9] 3208 Proper St. Merrero La.     New Orleans La.


katrina9’6’2p4’14.265  <   No Medications  K0AJW North Dakota Red Cross, on Lafayette st.  504 – 366- 7040  Etin   Gretna LA…

 W3DA  control    3 – 5 s units!    


katrina9’6’2p4’14.265  <  W3DA to W7WGL control

katrina9’6’3p1’14.265  <   Stranded two females w/ heart conditions, no medicines 3809 Astens lane - Arvy La.  control - W7WGL  4 s units can hear you! katrina9’6’3p2’14.265   < Confirm on 3809 Astens lane!

katrina9’6’3p4’14.265  <  KE5BPQ  relay!




katrina9’6’5p1’14.265 10mb file,  shared …….





9/7   BAD propagation….   High radiation saturation, …

will hold 9/7 files to min.  No receive….SOLAR FLARE

Comment added at 18:22 UTC on September 7 2005: Old region 10798 produced one of the largest flare ever recorded today at 17:40 UTC. GOES Xray sensors displayed signs of saturation. While GOES12 has this as an X17 flare the peak was likely close to X20. Previous CMEs from this region have been very fast. Although this occurred at the southeast limb, a significant sideways impact at Earth could occur as early as before midnight tomorrow, although more likely on September 9. Active to severe geomagnetic storming is possible. We will have to wait to see if this was a proton flare as well.










9/8  solar flare propagation flop coming…   Notch Open      volume up     Ears on

katarina9’8’10a4”14.265     <Palo Alto  Nolan   77735 St Anthony Ln   Palo Alto Calif…  650-493-5808   w/ confirm of call afterwards, by  N6OWE

 N3DV 4big s units on the meter here!   “Alder is OK, 9705 Residing in Red Cross Shelter in Bel Air MS… Mother”



katrina9’8’11a4’14.265       < Propagation trouble!   11.42 am         Red Cross Data   877-568-3?17     K9ERG “call”     In Out Prop….

katrina9’8’12p1’14.265       < 20 operators on duty  -   K9ERG net control     2 s units          N6OJ for net calling!!!!  3 s units

katrina9’8’12p2’14.265       < KE?  3  s units !

katrina9’8’12p4’14.265       <propagation poor!  1- 2 s units   K9ERG  3.25 s units

katrina9’8’1p3’14.265 < Relay?     2 s units          A John Memorial Paige? Page? spelling,,,,,     Officer Hurt from Looders   N1IIC net control

katrina9’8’2p3’14.265   <   Where she at???      Relay    Contact Station !!!     W7KB    N6OJ    Red Cross # is  228- 762- 2455  New London  Cannot hear New Orleans!!!   Out of Water and Food!!!!  860-447-3248   ext 18        N9VTB  no Water and Food   Dixie Meadows,   W7KB  my antenna is 180* away from you!

N 9 V T B you are 3 s units on the meter!


katrina9’8’3p2’14.265         <W7KB  3 – 4 s units net control.

katrina9’8’3p4’14.265         George county water shortage!!!   Traffic is passed.   N9VTB  only 4 s units on the meter.  W7KB 5 s units…Grantsville Utah..

katrina9’8’4p2’14.265         < PHONE # FOR SATERN IS

katrina9’8’4p3’14.265         N6OJ call out      3 units running out of water and food  SE Mississippi, 1096  Jackson Ave  39567 Local Chapter  Peter Lee!



no propagation at all ZIP

9/9 not here

9/10/05   Flare #2 coming !

katrina9’10’5p3     < N9AL

katrina9’10’5p4  <  A Ray Mason Biloxi?  4 s units        propagation feeding 4 s units stattic


katrina9’10’7p1    < W2KP calls,        S central Missouri 3.25 s units on meter    KN0D     


Proton Flares, numerous

Region 10808 lost some spots and penumbral area in the southeastern section. More significantly the negative polarity umbra embedded within the largest penumbra elongated. The magnetic delta structure in this penumbra is extremely strong and X class proton flares are possible as the flare potential has increased over the last day. Flares: C3.3 at 00:49, C2.0 at 02:48, M1.5 at 05:05, M1.3 at 07:01, M6.1/2F at 09:03, C1.1 at 15:37, C1.1 at 16:33, C1.2 at 16:38, C3.2 at 19:40, M1.5 at 20:09, C7.2 at 22:25, C4.7 at 23:00, C4.6 at 23:16 and C4.5 at 23:31 UTC.

failure of signals, no update… propagation out.

Reactivation for rita Storm ……!

Time of recordings will commence at approximate 2400z  9/23

Reactivation at 2400 zulu


rita9’23’8p3          dipole facing west nw

rita9’23’9p1          dipole facing west nw

rita9’23’9p2          dipole facing west nw

propagation weak

rita9’23’10p1               w7wgl your signal is 2 s units….!  and 3….

20 meter out!







rita9’24’11a4        LA Call for evac!   No levy’s left in New Orleans, - flooding!  Phones still working in some areas.




rita9’24’1p3          WARNINGS   Down graded to tropical storm warnings along the New Orleans coast.  6s units



batteries & antenna problem

rita9’24’6p2          W7ARC message   & email…  Utah is net control  w7kb   -  Announcement those returning to Houston evac.

rita9’24’6p3          Fort Polk   71459  Inquire Bill Fraizer   16419  Spruce Way     # 337-537-5159

rita9’24’7p1          Further Announcement same - instructions for Returning Houston Area  R conditions # is 800-452-9292

rita9’24’7p4          STATE EMERGENCY [DP10] #s   EOC     VA7DR – W5SOL <M  requesting phone patch




rita9’24’9p2          NO LEVY’s   Blown out again – City of New Orleans - in 8 ft of water!  Highway 69 Tyler s. Flooded.

                             State Rd 100 is out,  South Padre Island   VA7DR-NC

rita9’24’9p3          VA7DR you are 3 sunits……  HOUSTON – DO NOT GO HOME!!! 

propagation failure  dead band/20 meter out

15 min sway time is increased, - - - no emergency traffic - - - 









rita9’25’2p3    W7KB yes, your audio is better.  No glitch short now in audio….     Heard you last night.   

 ph#   [DP11] 


Protection FCC US is not global,  if I may remind you SATERN….!!!     

Net Mode decreasing,  - to Monitor Mode…?!      Channel is open.    



Color is in tact of the mode current in operation.  

Same as a Traffic Light on a Highway,  Red   Yellow  Green.

We are currently in;  stand by mode...

We are currently in;  caution to emergency mode...

We are currently in;  operating mode...


33 ft g5rv…    

Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Networks

Solar Terrestrial Activity Report

email here.